JA’s Saturday at AXPONA

JA's Saturday at AXPONA

Michigan dealer The Audio Surgeon’s room was dedicated to Dr. Andrew Collen’s “late friend and mentor; Harry H. Pearson,” and as I, too, had had a great deal of respect for the founder of The Abso!ute Sound, Andrew and I shared many memories of visits to Sea Cliff back in the day.

But the focus of sonic interest in this room was a pair of Dynaudio Confidence C2 speakers driven by Pass Labs XA260.8 amplifiers and a Pass Labs XP17 line preamplifier. In my photo, Dr. Andrew is showing off his VPI Avenger Reference magnetic-drive turntable, fitted with a VPI Gimbal Fat Boy tonearm and an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge. The show was about to close and I had one more room to visit, but before I made my farewell, I listened to Billie Holiday singing “Day In, Day Out.” A great audio system is a great time machine, taking listeners back to the original performance.