Dr. Collen, I wish to thank you for the guidance and advice you provided me in my selection and purchase of new speakers, preamp, DAC, and cables from The Audio Surgeon. Your extensive knowledge and audiophile experience was invaluable with discussing my objectives and recommending products for me to audition. The advice you provide far exceeds any other advice I have received from other audio dealers over the past 30 years of audio purchases. I purchased my mid-level audiophile system thirty years ago that included products from Conrad Johnson, Dahlquist, Linn, and PS Audio. My system has been improved several times since then. Your advice regarding interconnect and speaker cable selection was also invaluable. Once again, your experience with products that you sell and others you have used previously (which I also auditioned from other dealers), provided me the opportunity to test alternative products and determine which I preferred in my listening room. The relaxed sales environment along with the superior products you represent, brought my system to a much higher level which will bring me back to you for further system improvements.
Thanks Again
I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for your invaluable expertise with assisting my efforts to improve the sonic performance of my audio system. Your passion for audio excellence, your willingness to loan equipment for in-home evaluation, generous trade-in allowances, and competitive pricing make for a very pleasurable purchasing experience. I have been into audio since the late 60’s and I have purchased countless audio components from many audio retailers. Never have I experienced anyone with your enthusiasm, genuine encouragement and expert guidance in advancing my listening pleasure. It is truly a pleasure to be associated with you and I look forward to our continued association.
Best regards,
Pure enjoyment! That’s my impression of Andy's approach to audio and my many dealings with him. His excitement about sharing his love for music and the equipment that best reproduces the finest quality of sound...
Thanks Andy for all your expertise.
I have been working with Andy Collen and The Audio Surgeon for about 2 years now upgrading my main audio system and supplementing my 2nd bedroom system. Andy has been nothing short of fabulous! Always spending the time with me to listen and compare, while giving me the tools to make great decisions. And almost as important, ALWAYS keeping it fun. I plan on continuing my audio journey with Andy, The Audio Surgeon, upgrading, experimenting and having fun with this hobby I love so.
After several years of searching, we had finally figured out which brand of speaker we were upgrading to. We had dollars to spend, but just couldn’t come to grips with the service offered at a competing establishment. Every store has a gimmick, figure out how much you want to spend, pick apart the components you are currently using, followed by various ways to question whether you’re really in the game. Enter the audio surgeon: We scheduled a private listening session. The gear on hand was extensive to audition the speakers we wanted. Hospitality was amazing. Never a question about whether we had the funds or a negative comment about our current set up. Only helpful tips on how to make improvements and a willingness to listen and share information. After the first visit, we decided to make our purchase. A pair of contour 60’s in Rosewood fit very nicely into our plans and we placed our order. Once they arrived, and I picked them up, Andy offered to visit our home and assist with set up. We can fully envision future purchases, and feel the guidance offered on which component is worth considering next is not presumptuous or pressured.
Highly recommended!
I would like to thank you for your advice and support in my purchase of the Pass Labs XP -17 phono stage and the Pass Labs INT- 60 integrated amp. You have made my dream of one day owning Pass Labs gear a reality. I am enjoying listening to records through the new equipment like never before, I'm hearing things through my speakers that I haven't heard before! Very pleased with my purchase.